Monday, August 5, 2019

Plastic Pollution

Room 7 have been researching about pollution around the world. We found lots of interesting facts about plastic pollution on a website called It taught us about how much waste we produce, how to be more careful about how we use plastics and what we can do to reduce waste everyday. 
We used the facts from the website and rewrote them in our own words ensuring we understood what we read. We created posters that had strong messages about waste using paper, pencils and felts and we will display them on our classroom walls. We are learning how to weave by cutting up old magazines and weaving them in to fish shaped card. The trickiest thing for us was weaving the magazine strips in and out of the card without it ripping. When they are finished they will be displayed 'swimming' on our walls.

In your opinion, what is better- Glass bottles or plastic bottles?
Some of our posters
Some of our woven fish